I promised that when I reached 2,000 followers, I’d get my arse into gear and make a follow forever list. So here it is! I found it really difficult to pick a few people from all the awesome blogs I follow but I managed to do it. This list consists of blogs I love, friends and people I talk to a lot. They all have one thing in common, they’re all amazing blogs. Take it from me, you should follow them all, now ;)

To the people on the list. Thank you for making my experience on tumblr so amazing and thank you all for blogging some great shit ;) I love you all and I hope that we’re gonna be friends on here for a long time!

So here they are:

adorkabledarrencriss | andrewrannells | babyourenotalone | becauseofthelayersmyass | bleerios | callmeponty | colfer  | colferkingdom | darren-xcriss | darrenisadaisy | darrenstalker | defying-puberty | fandom-sandwich | finn-berry | gleekell | hotkadamn | infectedby1diwillalwaysklaineyou | klaineandersoon | kurtscoffeekurtsontop | letsgleekouttogether | marriedklaines | mshoneysucklepink | myheartsacanadiandrummer | princeblainers | thebleeclub | thegirlwhowanted2fly | tinywhamshorts | tirpse | tveitcolfer | waltzy | why-so-flippant | wokkythehobnob | whydarren | yesimbeyonce

PS- I’m really sorry if you’re not in the fandom or hate Blaine but hey, this is my list!!


  1. babyourenotalone said: I love you!!! and your dad comments!!! :D btw.. totally died reading his reactions to the I Do episode!!! you are the best and so is he! :D
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